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Acrow Props are industrial grade Formwork Props that are known for the durability and stability. They are an ideal method of support for formwork, columns, beams and walls. They are easily adjustable and can be extended to fit any required space.

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Acrow props sizes and specifications
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Size Height Weight Working load capacity Price Qty
Prop No. P00 0.69m - 1.16m 10.75 kg 40 kN / 30 kN $41.35
Prop No. P0 1.07m - 1.82m 14.41 kg 26 kN / 19 kN $46.23
Prop No. P1 1.75m - 3.12m 20.78 kg 24 kN / 15 kN $60.76
Prop No. P2 1.98m - 3.35m 21.83 kg 24 kN / 13 kN $64.20
Prop No. P3 2.59m - 3.95m 24.61 kg 21 kN / 12 kN $74.94
Prop No. P4 3.20m - 4.87m 29.54 kg 18 kN / 7 kN $85.36

All prices are Excluding GST

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Acrow Props are industrial grade Formwork Props that are known for the durability and stability. They are an ideal method of support for formwork, columns, beams and walls. They are easily adjustable and can be extended to fit any required space.


One of the Most Heavy Duty Acrow Props On The Market

Turbo Scaffolding's Acrow Props are made with Prime Quality Raw materials and then hot-dipped galvanized at the completion of manufacture. All welding and threading processes are completed prior to the Prop being hot dipped, meaning that all surfaces that are exposed to the environment are fully protected by this process. All components including the inner & outer tube, base & head plates and threads are completely galvanised.

By utilising this technique, instead of the cheaper, faster zinc spraying of welding joints and threads, we can guarantee a no rust product with limited maintenance over our competitors.

A Prop Nut That Cleans Itself

With any prop you want them to be able to withstand the maximum load safely and securely. Heavy Duty Nuts are used to allow it to engage extra threads on the prop making it capable of withstand heavier loads.

We all know threads can become jammed with debris making it extremely hard to get the correct height of your prop. Acrow prop nuts are designed and capable of Self-cleaning. This automatically cleans the prop threads of any concrete, dirt or debris whenever the nut is rotated thus keeping the thread debris-free at all times and assuring quick and easy adjustment. No more cleaning at the need of each job and wrestling with a clogged thread on your next build.

Locking G Pin

All Acrow Props come complete with a locking G Pin so there's no more tangled chains, or broken links from the old-fashioned chain pins. These easy to use locking pins are designed to save you time and hassle.

Cap On Outer Tube

To ensure proper alignment with the inner tube and prevent and water from entering your prop once installed, all our Props come with a prop Cap.

Superior Base Plate Design

Base plates of Turbo Scaffolding's Acrow Props are designed for easy stacking and more Props can be stored in Steel Stillage, as compared to the props with square base plates. Acrow Props base plates have round corners for safe handling. They are manufactured with the end user, the safety of your next project and your workers top of mind.

Additionally, all our base and head plates have pre-drilled holes in each corner to ensure ease of securing to slabs or platforms for extra stability.

Installing Turbo Acrow Props On Your Work Site

Installation of Turbo Scaffolding's Acrow Props is easy, Simply follow the steps below for a solid and stable working structure:

  1. Place your Sole Board - Make sure the ground is even before positioning your sole board
  2. No even ground? No problem, just adjust by placing planks across the members to distribute load and create an even starting point.
  3. Placing and extending your Acrow Prop - Place the Acrow Prop on the sole plate and extend to the desired height. Hold in place by inserting the G-Pin.
  4. Adjusting - Make sure your Prop is sitting flush with the top and bottom surfaces to you can secure it in place.
  5. Secure using nails in the top and bottom to eliminate any lateral movement.

Removing Props at the conclusion of a build

  1. Remove the nails - Simply grab a claw hammer or your nips and lever these out.
  2. Remove Tension - Take the tension out of the prop by lowering it with the handle.
  3. Un pinning - Lift the top half of the Prop with one hand and remove the pin with the other separating the 2 parts and lower the prop until it is completely closed.
  4. Safety First - At any stage the prop may lean to one side, always keep a hold to ensure worker and site safety.
  1. Any photographs are for illustration purposes only. Product may vary slightly from images shown.
  2. All Information contained within this brochure is true and correct at time of printing, however due to consistent upgrades in product, please confirm all specifications with us prior to purchase.
  3. Any instructions given within this document are guidelines only and at no time should form part of your WH&S policies.
  4. Turbo Scaffolding have endeavoured to ensure all instruction is clear and concise, but will not be held liable for any on site mishaps.
  5. When using Turbo Scaffolding's Acrow Props or any other equipment on site you should always adhere to safe work practices.

Safety First - What You Must Do

  • Remember your PPE - Make sure you and your staff and anyone else in the vicinity of your work area are wearing the appropriate PPE for the job. Don't risk it, wear it.
  • Clearways - All hazards, people and animals should be clear of your work area at all times. Work area should be well lit, well ventilated and provide sure footing for your workers.
  • Maintenance - It is a good habit to get into check your Props before every job ensuring they are in excellent condition for the role they will play.

Try To Avoid

  • Using different Materials - Do not use any foreign object with your Acrow Prop. The Pins and plates provided are rated for use with your prop, no other replacements are suitable.
  • Using a Prop for the wrong use - Props are designed to support structures overhead, do not use them for any other reason.
  • Re-adjusting - Once your prop is in place, if you need to adjust ensure all supporting structures will still be stable while you adjust.
  • Exceeding work loads - Each Prop is rated with a maximum safe work load. Do not exceed this load rating.
  • Shortcutting - Use the correct length Prop. Do not use any other material to make up a shortfall, find the right Prop instead. Please remember that the load of a Prop decreases as it extends so using the incorrect length will only decrease this further.

The misuse of any equipment could cause serious or fatal injuries. A falling Prop can also cause extensive damage to property. When working with heavy Props overhead ensure all safety measures have been adhered to and all workers are carrying out the work with the proper PPE on board.