Aluminium Stairs & Ladders

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Aluminium Stairs & Ladders
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Aluminium Stairs

Aluminium Stairs are pre-fabricated for use with a 1.2m x 2.4m bay providing 1.5m lift. These are used for worker access.<br /> <br /> The stairs are 564mm wide with a stair rise of 230mm. <br /> <br />

1.5m 34 kg
Stretcher Stairs

1.0m 19 kg
2.0m 34 kg
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Handrails ensure scaffold safety for your staff and clients. These are used alongside the aluminium stairs.

Handrails - Alum w/bolts 4.5 kg
Stair TopRails

Stair top rails allow you easy access at the top of your stairs to safely get to the next platform whilst maintaining a hold onto a supporting structure.

4.5 kg
Aluminium Ladders

For access to other areas of a scaffold. Used within ladder access bays for safe access. Available in various sizes: 2.4m, 3.3m, 3.9m

6.0m 14 kg
5.4m 12.90 kg
4.8m 11.50 kg
4.2m 10.20 kg
3.6m 8.80 kg
3.0m 7.40 kg
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Aluminium Stairs & Ladders For Sale

Aluminium stairs and ladders create easy access to above and below platforms on any scaffold tower. Lightweight and easy to move, these aluminum ladders are a versatile and flexible way to ensure safe passage from one working platform to the next.

Scaffold stairs and ladders come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any space without the need to build scaffold stairs. Rated to carry your heaviest Scaffolder and coated to resist any weather damage, our scaffolding ladders will last in any condition.

To buy scaffolding stairs, or search for scaffolding ladders for sale please take a look at our full product list.

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