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Second-Hand Scaffolding for Sale

Turbo Scaffold now has a range of used scaffold for sale in our yards across the country including Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Brisbane (QLD), Perth (WA) & Adelaide (SA). Purchasing second hand scaffold is a great way for small business, or those new to the trade to bulk up their stock without the initial outlay associated with purchasing new. There are some obvious pros and cons to purchasing used over new scaffold, some of which are listed below:


  • Depreciation makes it cheaper - This scaffold has already depreciated in value and therefore you get it at a cheaper price.
  • Scuffing - As it has already been on a construction site, there is no need for your workers to feel the need to be careful of scuffing it, or damaging it as it will already have fair wear and tear.


  • Maintenance - Make sure you buy from a reputable reseller to avoid unsafe used scaffold. Ensure that when you do purchase that the scaffold you are buying has been maintained.
  • Condition - Condition of second hand scaffold will vary so check before you buy.

All in all, the purchase of second hand scaffold makes great commercial sense for short term use or new business. Even if you are established and need a piece of equipment for a new job that you may not use again, it makes sense not to buy it new.