Steel Planks, Infill Planks, Lap Plates & Board Restraints

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Steel Planks, Infill Planks, Lap Plates & Board Restraints
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Steel Plank - Galvanised

Steel planks or battens are a lightweight and non-slip work surface. Made from a continuous pre-galvanised steel sheet, they are pressed to a hollow shape. They can either be purchased with plain ends or custom stamped. This will provide a flush working deck which will easily support the 675kg maximum weight allowance.<br />

3.0m 19.50 kg  
2.4m 14.1 kg  
1.8m 11.6 kg  
1.2m 8.1 kg  
0.7m 5.2 kg  
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Infill Plank (Half Plank 150mm wide)
Infill Plank (Half Plank 150mm wide)

Made From Pre Galvanised steel sheet pressed to a hollow shape 150mm wide. Steel boards / Planks combine lightweight construction with the strength to support the maximum weight. They fit neatly into the inverted “T” seat of a transom providing a completely flush working deck with a capacity well in excess of the greatest allowable bay loading which is 675 kgs.<br /> <br /> Other sizes available are : 0.560m, 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.1m, and 1.5m. Also available in 50mm wide.<br />

3.0m x 150mm 16.50 kg  
2.4m x 150mm Wide 13.20 kg  
1.8m x 150mm Wide 10 kg  
1.2m x 150mm Wide 7 kg  
0.7m x 150mm Wide 5 kg  
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Lap Panels

Kwikstage scaffold lap panels are a multi-purpose platform that is used to span a small gap between scaffolding work platforms.

0.7m Long x 0.7m Wide (Three Board Wide) 9.5 kg  
0.7m Long x 0.5m Wide (Two Board Wide) 7.5 kg  
0.7m Long x 0.25m Wide (One Board Wide) 5.5 kg  
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Kick Plank
Kick Plank

Kick planks are a great way to stop tools and other materials being accidentally kicked off of a work platform.<br /> <br />

2.4m 10.50 kg
1.8m 8.00 kg
1.2m 6.00 kg
0.7m 4.50 kg
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Steel Planks, Infill Planks, Lap Plates & Board Restraints For Sale

Turbo Scaffolding have a full range of steel planks for sale to help you complete your next build. With steel planks for platforms or kick planks to infill planks to ensure a complete finish to a deck. We also stock lap panels and galvanised steel planks.

Choose the right plank for your job and make sure you have it covered. If you're looking to buy steel planks of any kind give the team a call.

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