Scaffold Parts And Tools

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Scaffold Parts And Tools
Product Image Product Details Size Weight Qty
V Clusters for Standards

V Pressings are useful to make some specialised or custome made components to be used on Scaffolding

0.11 kg

Banana ends are used to replace damaged ends on Ledgers, Transoms or any other components.

0.200 kg
Ledger End

Ledger end assemblies are used to replace un-usable ends on Ledgers. Complete assembly comes with a wedge dimpled on both ends

Ledger End Assembly 0.75 kg
Transom End Assembly

Transom end assemblies are used to replace non-working or un-usable ends on Transoms that are required to be replaced. Complete assembly comes with a wedge dimpled on both ends

0.7 kg
Brace Ends

Brace Ends are used to make any specialised components to fit on the existing Scaffold.

0.75 kg
Plank Caps (Ends)

Plank caps finish off the end of your planks. These are used if your plank ends are damaged. They also make sure that there are no sharp edges posing a risk to your workers.

0.3 kg
Pallet Feet

Pallet or Stillages feet are great when you need to support your pallets and keep them off the ground.

0.6 kg
Spigot for Standards

The spigot is used to connect two standards together, which needs either a hinge pin or special bolt.

1.1 kg

Wedges are replacing the wedge in transoms and ledgers if they become damaged.

0.21 kg

Scaffold belts are worn by scaffolders to carry all their tools up and down the scaffold structure. They are fitted with frogs in various sizes to fit their specialist equipment.

Belt Set with Frogs 6.50 kg

Podger Hammers are made from high quality steel. With a non-slip handle they are ideal for a Scaffolder on the go in all weather conditions.

3.5 kg
Spanner turbo

Industry-standard scaffold spanners are obtainable in stainless steel, plated steel, anodised aluminium or titanium. Each scaffold spanner is made to the highest standards and guaranteed against damaged materials or poor workmanship.<br /> <br /> They are unique in their handle style and handles also come in various lengths depending on the leverage required for the job.

23.1mm 2 kg

Scaffold ratchets 21/24mm are manufactured from the highest quality steel and has a brilliant finish. It is durable and comes with podger bar making it easy to carry in a frog and gives you superior leverage for tight bolts.

21/24mm Ratchet 25 kg

Scaffold Parts And Tools For Sale

Scaffold towers are made up of many small parts and the tools required to build and strip scaffold are many and varied. All tools carried by qualified scaffolders are custom made for the job and cannot simply be purchased from your local hardware.

If you start a build and are missing a small part it could delay your entire project by hours or even days depending on the part. Make sure that doesn't happen by stocking up on commonly used Scaffolding parts and tools before the job.

Some of the common parts we carry are: V Clusters for standards, scaffold banana, ledger ends, transom end assembly, brace ends, plank caps, pallet feet and spigot for standards. Tools include: scaffold wedge, scaffold hammers, scaffold spanners and scaffold ratchets.

We have a complete range of parts for sale as well as stocking an extensive range of scaffolding tools for sale to ensure you have everything you need to complete your next job.

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