Kwikstage Scaffold Main Products

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Kwikstage Scaffold Main Products
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A standard is a long hollow piece of piping that is used to connect the scaffold mass to the ground. They are the vertical structure of the scaffold and have stars spaced out along its length. Transoms and ledgers are directly attached to standards to create the scaffold structure. <br /> <br /> A standard runs the height of the scaffold and is connected to a base plate for even weight distribution.

3.0m 17.50 kg
2.5m 14.65 kg
2.0m 12.10 kg
1.5m 9.15 kg
1.0m 6.4 kg
0.5m 3.5 kg
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Add a topper to the top of your scaffold to create a platform. This can be used to create stages or large walking areas for ease of access.<br /> <br />

0.3m - 220mm 3 kg

Standard ledgers come in a variety of lengths. They are commonly used as support handrails on high scaffold towers and also to connect 2 standards at the stars together horizontally to help with weight distribution and stability.<br />

3.0m 12.50 kg
2.4m 9.50 kg
1.8m 7.6 kg
1.2m 5 kg
0.7m 3.85 kg
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A transom is utilised to support a deck or working platform on a scaffold build. They are the direct weight-bearing structure at each level of your scaffold. They are built by welding 2 lengths of 50mm x 50mm angle iron back to back to form an inverted “T”. <br /> <br />

2.4m 21 kg
1.8m 15 kg
1.2m 9.8 kg
0.7m 5.8 kg
0.5m 4.5 kg
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A brace is paramount to ensure a true and level scaffold. As the brace fits diagonally across the bays, they will only fit into place if your scaffold is level. Fitting one of these to your first bay will ensure a level scaffold tower from the start. Made from nominal scaffold tube and flattened at each end, to accept a swivel “c” coupler they come in various sizes.<br /> <br />

3.6m 14.7 kg
3.2m 13.4 kg
2.7m 11.5 kg
2.0m 8.6 kg
1.7m 8.4 kg
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Hopup Brackets

Hop ups, or stage board brackets are used to give you an extra work platform. Normally located on the inside face of the scaffold these come in 1, 2 and 3 board sizes.<br /> <br /> Special sizes are also available for Half boards, 1.5 boards and 4 board hopups. Please contact us for further details and minimum order quantities<br />

3 Board Bracket 11.4 kg
2 Board Bracket 6.5 kg
1 Board 2.4 kg
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Tie Bar

Tie bars are used whenever 2 or 3 board stage brackets are fitted, to eliminate lateral movement and ensure positive location of the boards.<br /> <br /> They are manufactured from 4mm x 40mm steel angle in three basic lengths to suit the individual bay sizes.<br /> <br /> Other available size(s): 0.5m, 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.1m, 1.5m, and 3.0m. Please contact us for further details and minimum order quantities<br />

2.4m 7 kg
1.8m 5.2 kg
1.2m 3.5 kg
0.7m 2.5 kg
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Stillage - Pallets

A quick way to stack and move your product is on a stillage pallet. utilised to stack scaffold and accessories and easily moved from place to place with a forklift.<br /> <br /> These can be Custom made if required.

0.9m x 0.7m 33 kg
Stillage - Cages

Various sizes of cages are available. These stillages come in handy for storage and organisation of scaffold materials in the warehouse or on site for larger jobs.<br /> <br /> These can be Custom made if required.

0.9M x 0.7M Cages 65 kg

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