LVL Planks & Sole Boards

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LVL Planks & Sole Boards
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Sole Boards

Soleboards are either hardwood timber planks or LVL timber planks used under Scaffold standards to provide greater load bearing capacity. These are great to use on less stable ground such as dirt or gravel.<br />

0.4m x 230mm 4.50 kg
0.5m x 230mm Hardwood 4.5 kg
1.5m x 230mm 8.25 kg
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Timber Planks

Laminated timber planks (LVL) are the traditional timber planks used in tube and fitting applications. These are a load bearing and certified plank that can span a maximum of 1.8mtrs. <br /> <br /> Can also be used to cover holes on return bays.<br /> <br /> Laminated timber planks are available in various sizes. <br /> Other available size(s): 0.6m, 0.9m, 3.3m, 3.9m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m

3.6M 19.8 kg
3.0m 16.5 kg
2.7M 14.85 kg
2.4M 13.2 kg
2.1M 11.55 kg
1.8M 9.9 kg
1.5M 8.25 kg
1.2M 6.6 kg
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LVL Planks & Sole Boards For Sale

Laminated Veneer Lumbar (LVL) planks or sole boards are crucial in the levelling and load bearing of your scaffold on uneven or unstable ground. When you're building a tower on any other surface except concrete you should be starting your build on either one of these boards.

They will help to distribute the weight of your scaffold over a larger surface area meaning greater stability and less movement. It will also be much less susceptible to ground variations due to heavy rain or extremely dry weather.

To take alook at the full range of LVL planks for sale, scaffold sole boards, scaffolding planks, and timber planks please browse our full product list.

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