Scaffold Tube

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Scaffold Tube
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Scaffold Tube Galvanised

Scaffold tube forms the structure of your completed scaffold. It has many uses. <br /> <br /> Many sizes available.<br /> <br />

0.3m 1.26 kg  
0.6m 2.52 kg  
0.9m 3.78 kg  
1.2m 5.04 kg  
1.5m 6.30 kg  
1.8m 7.56 kg  
2.1m 8.82 kg  
2.4m 10.08 kg  
2.7m 11.34 kg  
3.0m 12.60 kg  
3.3m 13.86 kg  
3.6m 15.12 kg  
3.9m 16.38 kg  
4.2m 17.64 kg  
4.5m 18.90 kg  
4.8m 20.16 kg  
5.1m 21.42 kg  
5.4m 22.68 kg  
5.7m 23.94 kg  
6.3m 26.46 kg  
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Galvanised Scaffold Tubes For Sale

Scaffold tubes are the heart of any scaffold tower. These are your main braces, walls and horizontal and vertical beams. They come in a variation of lengths and thickness and can be bought in bulk for your next project.  We have a full length range of scaffolding tubes for sale in our warehouse so if you're looking to buy scaffold tubes for your next build, give us a call.

Made from high quality steel, our scaffolding tubes are hard wearing and meet the highest Australian standards in load capacity and safety.

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