Kwikstage Scaffold Accessories
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Kwikstage Scaffold Accessories
Product Image Product Details Size Weight Painted Galvanised Qty
Open End Standards

Open ended standards allow for the use of a U-shaped head or base jack. These standards are utilised for the shoring of scaffold. These are used for the vertical structure of your scaffold.

3.0m 15 kg
2.5m 13.80 kg
2.0m 11 kg
1.5m 9 kg
1.0m 5.80 kg
0.5m 4 kg
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Intermediate Standard

A standard is a long hollow piece of piping that is used to connect the scaffold mass to the ground. They are the vertical structure of the scaffold and have stars or nodes at the ends. Transoms and ledgers are directly attached to standards to create the scaffold structure. A standard runs the length of the scaffold and is connected to a base plate for even weight distribution.

2.0M 12 kg
1.0M 6 kg
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Curvy Standard - Painted
Curvy Standard - Painted

10 kg
Edge Protection Standards

These Standards are great to be used on concrete slabs for Edge protection <br /> <br /> Other available size(s): 1.0m

1.2m 9.20 kg
Handrail Posts

Handrail posts can be secured directly to concrete to form a secure base for horizontal hand rails. This a quick, way and effective solution to drop offs on the work site where pedestrian access is necessary.

Galvanised 5.95 kg  
1.2m Hand rail Post 6 kg  
Fixed Galvanised 9.61 kg  
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Board Hopups

Hopups provide an extra work platform.<br /> <br /> Other available sizes(s): 4 Board Hopup with spigot, 1.5Board Hopups with Spigot, 1.5Board Hopups W/coupler, 1.5Board Hopups w/coupler and spigot

3 Board Bracket With Spigot 12.1 kg
2 Board Bracket With Spigot 7.30 kg
1 Board Bracket With Spigot 4.42 kg
3 Board Bracket With Coupler 12.1 kg
2 Board Bracket With Coupler 7.5 kg
1 Board Bracket with Coupler 2.50 kg
2 Board Bracket with spigot and Coupler 8 kg
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Toe Board Brackets

A to board is used for kick protection on the scaffold platform. It is a board on its side to stop anything being kicked off the edge of the scaffold. It sits approximately 150mm above the deck level.<br /> <br /> The toe board is secured by means of a toe board clip or bracket which is a stirrup shaped steel bracket complete with a captive wedge for fixing around a standard. <br />

- 0.85 kg
End Toe Board Brackets

Toe board brackets secure to the outside of a standard to allow for the installation of toe boards.

Ended TBB 1 kg
CC Coupler

CC Coupler 1.5 kg
Step up/down Bracket

4.2 kg  
Double Step Down Brackets

Our double step-down bracket allows you to create 2 new work platforms close together allowing 2 different heights to be worked from.

Galvanised (ANDERSON) 6.50 kg  
Galvanised 6.50 kg  
New Design 8.50 kg  
Double Step Down Bracket 6.50 kg  
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Wall Tie Brackets

Wall tie brackets with one Scaffold half coupler and two half couplers are also available

100 x 250mm 2.8 kg  
Ladder Access Transoms

To render access to the scaffold platform through ladders, ladder access transoms are used. The coupler links to one ledger (horizontal brace) and the "C" leans on the opposite ledger. Batten (i.e. board decking component, which is used to make the working platform) then lay on the transom. <br /> Other available size(s): 0.5m, 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.1m

2.4m 16.5 kg
1.8m 13.2 kg
1.2m 7.5 kg
0.7m 5.3 kg
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Corner Panel

A corner panel, or cover bracket is used as a gap filler between hop up brackets <br /> <br /> They feature a 90mm high upstand welded externally to one corner to accept a half fitting, which provides a positive fixture to the standard.<br /> <br /> Various sizes are available eg: 3Brd x 2 Brd, 2Brc x 2 Brd, 2Brd x 1 Brd etc.

3 x 3 Corner Panel 12.5 kg
3 x 2 Interchangeable Corner Panel 11 kg
3 x 1 Interchangeable Corner Panel 9.5 kg
2 x 2 Corner Panel 10 kg
2 x 1 Interchangeable Corner Panel 7.20 kg
1 x 1 Corner Panel 4 kg
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Ladder Brackets

Ladder brackets will allow for a permanent and secure anchor point for ladders so that working at height becomes safer and more accessible. These highly visible brackets will ensure a secure entry point to upper decks and provide roof access.

Ladder Brackets 4.50 kg
Ledger Truss

2.4m 42 kg
1.8m 31.5 kg
1.2m 19 kg
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Ladder Access Hatch Door

The ladder access hatch door is fitted at the end of a platform where access is needed to the upper or lower levels

0.8 X 0.6m 9.8 kg  
Swing Gates

Swing gates can be placed at ends of work platforms to allow easy access, but also to secure the scaffold when not needed.

0.9 x 0.9m 11.5 kg  
End Bay for Swing Gates
End Bay for Swing Gates

8.90 kg  
Socket Base Wall Tie Plate
Socket Base Wall Tie Plate

1.75 kg
Ginny Wheels

A ginny wheel is ideal for lifting small loads to work areas.

200mm 4.5 kg  
Castor Wheels

Castor wheels are secured to the bottom of a mobile scaffold for movability.

200 x 50 6 kg  
Counter Weight

Counter weights allow you to counter balance a scaffold to offset the weight on one end. They come in various sizes and can be helpful in making sure your scaffold is safe and secure hen one side is heavier than the other.

20Kgs 20 kg  
Scaff Tag Box with Inserts

2.5 kg  
Cable Ties

multipurpose cable ties to secure any loose ends.

3.5 x 300mm Cable Ties (PACK OF 100PCS) 0.02 kg  
Plastic Cover for Couplers
Plastic Cover for Couplers

These plastic coupler covers protect your workers from injury by knocking into the coupler on your scaffold

0.25 kg  
Plastic Caps

Plastic post caps ensure that all sharp edges on your scaffold are covered making it safer for workers or Customers to climb and work from scaffold platforms without the need to check on edges.

Plastic Caps for 48mm Tube 0.02 kg  

Accessories for Kwikstage scaffolding are diverse and varied. Below is just a sample of what is on offer for all your Kwikstage needs:

Open ender standards
Intermeduiate standards
Curvy stabdard
Painted stabdard
Ladder access transoms
Ledger truss
Board hopups
Corner panels
End toe board brackets
CC couplers
Ladder brackets
And, Lock down plates

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