Scaffold Couplers

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Scaffold Couplers
Product Image Product Details Size Weight Qty
Double Coupler (Various sizes)

Utilised for attaching a horizontal tube to a vertical tube to create a 90 degree angle. Mostly used for tying off your Scaffold.

Double Coupler Drop Forged 1.10 kg
51mm Double Coupler 1.25 kg
60mm x 48mm Reduction Double Coupler 1.90 kg
60mm x 60mm Double Coupler -
48mm x 38mm Double Coupler -
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Swivel Couplers (Various sizes)

Swivel Coupler connects two Scaffold tubes at any angle.

Swivel Coupler Drop Forged 1.2 kg
51mm Swivel Coupler 1.4 kg
60mm x 48mm Reduction Swivel Coupler 2.1 kg
60mm x 60mm Swivel Coupler 2.05 kg
76mm Swivel Coupler -
76 x 48 Swivel Couplers -
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Putlog Couplers

Putlog Couplers is another form of securing a tube to your structure.

Single Putlog Coupler 0.4 kg
Full Putlog Coupler - Butterfly Coupler 0.46 kg
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Girder Beam Coupler - Gravelock Coupler

These fix to an eye beam so that you can attach Tube for a hanging scaffold.

48mm 2.2 kg
Half Couplers

Half couplers are made to be fixed at one end whilst the other end is fitted with a screw adjustment for connecting a scaffold tube. They are mainly utilised for Custom projects.

Half Coupler 0.7 kg
Half Coupler 48mm W - 65mm Bolt/Nut 0.9 kg
51mm Half Coupler 0.6 kg
Half Coupler 51mm W - 75mm Bolt/Nut 0.9 kg
Half Coupler 38mm -
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Swivel Girder Coupler - Gravelock Coupler

These fix to an eye beam so that you can attach a tube for a hanging scaffold. The swivel coupler allows you to create different angles.<br />

Swivel Girder Coupler - Gravelock Coupler 2.90 kg
Putlog Hook Clamp - Mills Clip

Putlog Hook Couplers are pressed fittings used to secure LVL to boards and timber to scaffold tube.

48mm 1.1 kg
Board Retaining Coupler

Board retaining couplers are required to secure your timber boards in place providing a secure lock so no boards move under load.

48mm 0.6 kg
External Joint Pin - Sleeve Coupler

Made in Pressed Steel, this external End to End coupler or Joint Pin is used for joining two Scaffold tubes.

48mm 1.1 kg
Internal Joint Pin (FORGED)

Made in Drop Forged Steel, this Internal Joint Pin or coupler is used to join two Scaffold tubes.

48mm 2.6 kg
V Coupler (Floating Star)

V couplers are custom attachments allowing for different working levels to be created.

1 kg
Ladder Coupler - Clamp

Ladder Clamps or couplers attached to the top of you ladder and hold them in place onto a scaffold tube. This type of clamp will ensure no movement of your ladder and provide safe access.

Ladder Coupler - Clamp 1.2 kg
Swivel Ladder Coupler - Clamp 1.45 kg
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T Bolt - Nut

T Bolts and Nuts are great to replace the existing non working bolts on fittings. minimum order quantity is 250Pcs

1/2 0.110 kg
Hoarding Couplers

Hoarding Couplers are used for sliding plywood between to 2 C sections to provide a safety barrier between the scaffold and any onsite risks.

Hoarding Coupler - Galvanised 1 kg
Pressed Hoarding Coupler - Vertical 0.65 kg
Pressed Hoarding coupler - Horizontal 0.65 kg
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Scaffold Couplers For Sale

Scaffold Couplers come in a range that suits every situation. Whenever you are joining 2 scaffold tubes together you will need the correct coupler for the job.

We have a range of scaffolding couplers ranging from half couplers, swivel couplers and gravelock couplers or double couplers making sure we have you covered for any type of joining or securing of tubes and beams that is required.

Make sure you have the right coupler for the job by contacting the team at Turbo Scaffolding.

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