Hot dipped galvanised
Acrow Props Acrow Props
Acrow Props
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P000.69m x 1.16m
P01.07m x 1.82m
P11.75m x 3.12m
P21.98m x 3.35m
P32.59m x 3.95m
P43.2m x 4.87m

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  • Description
  • Turbo Props are industrial grade Formwork Prop.
  • Deal method of support for formwork, columns, beams and walls.
  • Turbo Props are made with prime quality raw materials.
  • Props nut that cleans it self
  • All turbo props come complete with a locking G pin.
  • Turbo props are designed for easy stacking.
  • At welding and threading process are completed prior to the Prop being hot dipped.

Turbo Props specifications:

Code Size (CLose – Open) Weight Will
00 0.69m x 1.16m 10.75 kg 40kN / 30kN
0 1.07m x 1.82m 14.41 kg 26kN / 19kN
1 1.75m x 3.12m 20.78 kg 24kN / 15kN
2 1.98m x 3.35m 21.83 kg 24kN / 13kN
3 2.59m x 3.95m 24.61 kg 21kN / 13kN
4 3.2m x 4.87m 29.54 kg 18kN / 7kN