Why Is Aluminium Scaffolding Better Than Steel?

Aluminium Scaffolding Better Than Steel

Scaffolding systems have been in use since ancient times. A scaffold is a temporary structure assembled to support construction workers and materials during construction, renovation, or repairs to the property or structure.

What Are Scaffolds?

Various types of pre-constructed, modular systems of pipes or tubes are available in diverse materials, including aluminium, steel, wood, and bamboo.

Why Are Aluminium Scaffolding Better Than Steel?

Aluminium scaffolding is lightweight compared to steel scaffolds, its main USP. It creates a significant impact on construction workers’ efficiency. It makes assembling and dismantling a system on the construction site easy and transporting construction materials a breeze. The aluminium scaffolding may seem expensive; however, handling aluminium scaffolds may be more beneficial to you.

Though aluminium scaffolds are inherently lightweight, they can withstand heavier loads. Aluminium is resistant to wear and tear and can withstand humidity, corrosion, and challenging weather conditions. That’s the reason aluminium scaffolds are highly preferred for high-end construction sites.

Advantages of Aluminium Scaffolding

  • Easy to set up: The entire structure can be easily set up like building blocks, not requiring tools and apparatus.
  • Low Cost to Transport: Depending on the vehicle size and the fuel needed. 
  • Quicker set-up time – Aluminium scaffold is easier and faster to erect.
  • Easier handling of parts – Aluminium scaffolds have lighter parts and are easier to set up.
  • Savings on Labour Costs: Less labour is required for handling construction sites – not only the workforce but also crane costs and safety and lifting incidences are curtailed. Less labour is required for setting up and dismantling. So, there is less requirement for skilled personnel, which translates into fewer man-hours.
  • Safer: Aluminium causes negligible harm to the environment or adjacent construction works.
  • Vigorous: Aluminium scaffolding has exceptional pull-off strength, using cold and internal expansion techniques, making it very durable.
  • Aluminium is the desired material over steel when the weight of scaffolding directly affects the substrate or when it must be moved to areas with weight restrictions.

How Does Steel and Aluminium Scaffolding Fare in The Building of a Standard House

Steel Scaffolding:

  • What are the average requirements? If four men work for eight hours – it comes to 32 hours of total labour.
  • The total weight the truck must carry – Twelve tons, which will need more than one delivery.
  • For adjustments – A serious workforce will be needed.

Aluminium Scaffolding:

  • What are the average requirements? If two men work for six hours – it comes to 12 hours of total labour.
  • The total weight the truck must carry: Six tons, which can be delivered in a single delivery.
  • For adjustments – Just one scaffolder and a helper are required.

Final Words

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It is clear why most of the people prefer aluminium scaffolding for sale – along with the benefits you get using aluminium scaffolding, you also get the added advantages of flexibility and safety.

So, what type of scaffolding equipment do you need for your construction endeavours? Get in touch with Turbo Scaffolding today to enquire about your scaffolding needs.

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Why Is Aluminium Scaffolding Better Than Steel?
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