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Turbo Scaffolding stocks full range of scaffolding accessories and components to go with your commercial or industrial scaffolding requirements. View our full list of scaffold accessories below and order online today!!
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Scaffold Accessories & Specials
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Code Size Weight Qty
Ladder Access Transoms

To render access to the scaffold platform through ladders, ladder access transoms are used. The coupler links to one ledger (horizontal brace) and the 'C' leans on the opposite ledger. Batten (i.e. board decking component, which is used to make the working platform) then lay on the transom.

Code Size Weight Qty
2.4MLAT 2.4M 16.5kg
1.8MLAT 1.8M 13.2kg
1.2MLAT 1.2M 7.5kg
0.7MLAT 0.7M 5.3kg
Mesh Guards

A meshguard is a mesh panel manufactured from galvabond steel with 25mm X 25mm SHS and 3.2mm thick mesh. Designed to be suspended from a guard rail ledger enclosing the space between the ledger and the working deck for safety.

They are available in three sizes: 2.4M, 1.8M, 1.2M and 0.7M and are complete with an inbuilt toe board panel and lower stabilizing stirrups.

Code Size Weight Qty
2.4MMG 2.4M 22kg
1.8MMG 1.8M 17.8kg
1.2MMG 1.2M 12kg
0.7MMG 0.7M 8kg
Toe Board Brackets

A board on edge shall be fixed beneath the guard rail to form a toe board approximately 150mm above the deck level.

The toe board is secured by means of a toe board clip which is a stirrup shaped steel locating bracket complete with a captive wedge for fixing around a standard. each clip secures two boards end to end.

Code Size Weight Qty
TBB 0.85kg
Toe Board Couplers

A board on edge shall be fixed beneath the guard rail to form a toe board approximately 150mm above the deck level.

The toe board is secured by means of a toe board clip which is a stirrup shaped steel locating bracket complete with a captive wedge for fixing around a standard. each clip secures two boards end to end.

Code Size Weight Qty
TBC 1.45kg
Timber Planks

A plank is actually timber, which is flat, rectangular and elongated having parallel faces that are long and high than wide. Timber planks are used mainly in carpentry; however, they play a significant role in the construction of houses, bridges, ships and many other structures. Laminated timber planks are available in various sizes.

Code Size Weight Qty
3.6MTP 230 x 38 MM 19.8kg
3.0MTP 230 x 38 MM 16.5kg
2.4MTP 230 x 38 MM 13.2kg
1.8MTP 230 x 38 MM 9.9kg
1.5MTP 230 x 38 MM 8.25kg
1.2MTP 230 x 38 MM 6.6kg
Lap Panels

Kwikstage scaffold lap panels are a multi-purpose modular scaffold system that can be used for all kinds of access and support structures in the building and construction industry, shipbuilding, industrial maintenance etc.

Code Size Weight Qty
0.7MLP 0.7M 9.5kg
0.5MLP 0.5M 7.5kg
Corner Panels

The internal corner filler is used to fill in the gap in eternal corners when stage board brackets are used.

A 90mm high upstand of the same R.H.S. section is welded externally to one corner to accept a half fitting, which provides a positive fixture to the standard.

Welded on the underside of the R.H.S. square are two right angle seating plates which locate to the outer edge of the “T” section on the adjoining stage board brackets to provide added stability to corner filler.

Standard steel plate is used as a decking material and secured to the top section of the filler. Various sizes are available eg: 3Brd x 2 Brd, 2Brc x 2 Brd, 2Brd x 1 Brd etc.

Code Size Weight Qty
3X2GICF 3 x 2 10.5kg
2X2ICF 2 x 2 11.4kg
2X1ICF 2 x 1 7.2kg
1X1ICL 1 x 1 4kg
Step Up Brackets

Code Size Weight Qty
SDB 1 Board 4.2kg
Double Step Down Bracket

Code Size Weight Qty
DSDB 1 Board 6.5kg
End Toe Board Bracket

Code Size Weight Qty
ETBB 1kg
CC Couplers

Code Size Weight Qty
CCC 1.5kg
Wall Tie Brackets

Wall tie brackets with one Scaffold half coupler and two half couplers are also available

Code Size Weight Qty
WTB 100 x 250 m 2.8kg
Swivel Jacks

34mm diameter threaded adjustable stem with Cast nut, designed to fit inside a Scaffold Standard or Tube in conjunction with a Swivel Base Plate

Code Size Weight Qty
SWLJ 34 x 650 MM 6.9kg
Solid U Head Jacks

U shaped housing to support and locate a Standard or Vertical Pole over a bearer or a bearer over a Scaffold Standard, comes with adjustable solid stem of 34mm diameter and 500mm long

Code Size Weight Qty
USJ 34 x 650 MM 8.9kg
Plain Base Plates

Base Plate made with 8.0mm thick x 150mm square, is to distribute the load from a Standard or Vertical Pole to the supporting structure

Code Size Weight Qty
PBP 8.0X150MM SQ 1.8kg
Standards Intermediate

Code Size Weight Qty
2.0 MISTD 2.0 m 12kg
1.0 MISTD 1.0 m 6kg
1.2m Return Transoms

Code Size Weight Qty
1.2MGRETRN 1.2M 14.2kg
Ladder Beams

Code Size Weight Qty
6.3MLB 6.3M 74kg
5.4MLB 5.4M 64kg
4.8MLB 4.8M 54.43kg
3.0MLB 3.0M 34.5kg

Code Size Weight Qty
Topper 0.3M 3kg
Ledger Truss

Code Size Weight Qty
2.4MLT 2.4M 42kg
1.8MLT 1.8M 31.5kg
1.2MLT 1.2M 19kg
Stair Stringers

Stair Stringer enables the construction of a set of stairs within the confines of scaffold modules. Manufactured from a R.H.S. with treads supports and risers of 40mm X 6mm flat bar. Kwikstage Tread supports are 230mm wide with pre drilled holes for LVL Planks/Steel Planks location.

The Stringers are available in two sizes of 1.6M (for 1.20M bay) and 3.0M (for 2.40M bay). A set of stairs consists of a left and right hand stringer which provide stairs widths of 1.8M, 1.2M, and 0.7M.

The stair stringer connect to standard by means of a “C” pressings and captive wedges. (a 1600mm stringer lifts 1m and a 3000mm stinger lifts 2m). To complete the stairway special design hand rails and knee rails need to be fitted at 500mm increments above the height of the stinger.

Code Size Weight Qty
3.0MSS 2.4 x 2.0M 65kg
1.6MSS 1.2 x 1.0M 34kg
Unit Beam

Code Size Weight Qty
3.6MUB 3.6M 42kg
Swing Gates

Code Size Weight Qty
SG 0.9 x 0.9 m 11.5kg
End Gaurd for Swing Gates

Available from Perth only..

Code Size Weight Qty
EGSG 0.9 x 0.3 m 5.5kg
Swing Arms LEFT or RIGHT

available in Perth branch only

Code Size Weight Qty
SA 1.2 m 3kg
200mm Castors

Code Size Weight Qty
CW 200 x 50 6kg
Handrail Posts

Code Size Weight Qty
HRP 1.2 m 6kg
Scaffolding Tag Box

Code Size Weight Qty
STBI 2.5kg
Bridging Ledgers with Spigot

The bridging ledger is provided to achieve a clear span of 4.8m by eliminating the centre set of standards, whilst maintaining the continuity of the scaffold deck. The ledger is designed for medium duty but has no facility to recommence the centre set of standards.

The main member is manufactured from standard scaffold tube, with the lower web constructed from 16mm steel rod.

A spigot and captive wedge assembly is fixed at either end for positive location to the standards.

Located at the centre of the ledger is a scaffold tube socket which has two opposed “V” pressings to accept the transom member for deck support. The guard rail post inserts into the socket.

Code Size Weight Qty
4.8MGBLSP 4.8 m 26.5kg
3.6MGBLSP 3.6 m 22kg

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