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Scaffold Stairs & Ladders

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Aluminium Scaffold Stairs and Ladders

Turbo scaffolding stocks wide range of aluminimum scaffold ladders and stairs for safe access and exit points at the work site. All our stairs, extension ladders and other scaffold access accessories are made to meet Australian safety standards. Turbo scaffolding can provide you with solution for temporary access. Buy scaffolding stairs and ladders at competitive price from Turbo Scaffolding, Get a Free Quote online.
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Scaffold Stairs & Ladders
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Code Size Weight Qty
Aluminium Ladders

Code Size Weight Qty
6.0MAL 6.0M 14kg
5.4MAL 5.4M 12.90kg
4.8MAL 4.8M 11.50kg
4.2MAL 4.2M 10.20kg
3.6MAL 3.6M 8.80kg
3.0MAL 3.0M 7.40kg
2.4MAL 2.4M 6kg
1.5m Aluminium Stairs

Aluminum Stairways are pre-fabricated set of stairs designed for use in a 1.2M X 2.4M bay providing 1.5M lift.

The stairs are 564mm wide with a stair rise of 230mm. Two stairways fit side by side in a 1.2M bay width locating on transoms members at each end.

To complete the stairway specifically designed light gauge steel or Aluminium hand rails which attach to the stairway stiles.

Code Size Weight Qty
1.5MALSTR 2.4 X 1.5M Rise 34kg

Code Size Weight Qty
HRA 1.5M 4.5kg
Stair Top Rails

Code Size Weight Qty
TR 4.5kg
2.0m Aluminium Stretcher Stairs

Code Size Weight Qty
2.0MALSTR 2.4 x 2.0M Rise 34kg
1.0m Aluminium Stretcher Stairs

Code Size Weight Qty
1.0MALSTR 1.2 x 1.0M Rise 19kg
Beam Connectors

Code Size Weight Qty
ALBC 3kg
Aluminium Beams 450mm

Code Size Weight Qty
8.0MALBEAM 8.0M 36kg
6.0MALBEAM 6.0M 25kg
4.0MALBEAM 4.0M 19kg

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