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Full Range of Scaffold props and Specials

Turbo Scaffolding provides wide range of scaffold specials and props for sale in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth for residential and commercial customers with deliveries throughout Australia. All our scaffold specials and props are made out of heavy duty steel. You will find wide variety of scaffolding props and specails ranging from step down brackets, edge protection, two board hopup and more.

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Scaffold Specials & Props
Product Image
Product Details
Code Size Weight Qty
Step Down Bracket Intermediate Galvanised

Code Size Weight Qty
GSDBCPLR 1 Board 4.2kg
Edge Protection Standards

These Standards are great to be used on concrete slabs for Edge protection and Ledgers can be used as Handrails with a provision of using a Kick board as well.

Code Size Weight Qty
1.2MEPSTD 1.2 m 8.9kg
Galvanised One Board Hopup with Coupler

Code Size Weight Qty
1GBHBCPLR 1 Board 2.8kg
Two Board Hopup with Spigot

Code Size Weight Qty
2BHBSP 2 Board 7.3kg
Two Board Hopup Intermediate

Code Size Weight Qty
2BHBCPLR 2 Board 7.5kg
Three Board Hopups with Spigot

Code Size Weight Qty
3BHBSP 3 Board 12.1kg
Ladder Access Hatch Door

Code Size Weight Qty
LAHD 0.8 X 0.6 m 9.8kg
Steel Sole Boards

Code Size Weight Qty
SSB 0.5M 5.5kg
Ginny Wheels

Ginny wheels

Code Size Weight Qty
GW 200 mm 4.5kg
Ladder Brackets

Code Size Weight Qty
2BLB 2 Board 6kg
Board Restrains

Code Size Weight Qty
4.7 kg 8 kg 12kg
1.2MBRS 1.2 m 8kg
0.7MBRS 0.7 m 4.7kg
Counter Weight

Code Size Weight Qty
20cw 20kg
Adjustable Galvanised Props

Code Size Weight Qty
P4 3.20-4.87m 28.07kg
P3 2.59-3.95m 23.08kg
P2 1.98-3.35m 21.25kg
P1 1.75-3.12m 20.22kg
P0 1.07-1.82m 14.05kg

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