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Narrow Aluminium Mobile Tower

Wide Aluminium Mobile Tower for Sale

Turbo Scaffold now stock wide aluminium scaffold towers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. A mobile tower is a great way to gain some height and also stay mobile. When you have a small job that requires mobility, but also requires a safe at height work platform a wide scaffold tower could be your best solution.

For all your small jobs such as roof and gutter repairs, Ceiling painting, or cornice repair a mobile scaffold tower will be much easier to use than regular scaffold which would need to be built, stripped and rebuilt every time you need to move. With a wide aluminium scaffold tower you’ll have plenty of room to maneuver, with the lightweight of aluminium and the ease of it being on wheels meaning that one person can build it and move it each time you need.

Don’t waste time on finding all the pieces at your local hardware, come to Turbo Scaffolding and we can sell you the entire mobile kit and get you off the ground quicker.