How to Choose the Right Scaffolding Company

Scaffolding Company

When you’re looking for scaffolding company not all companies will be equal. Some will; offer cheap rates and basic skills, where others will offer you the skills you need, but you may have to open your wallet a little further to get them. There are many factors that go into choosing the right scaffolding company for your next project including Skill set, Communication, Price, Qualifications and Location.


This one is an obvious one. Although many Scaffolding companies will install and remove scaffold all over the state, you’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable in your area. Ask them about previous jobs where you are and how well their staff knows parking restrictions and your community. The last thing you need is a company that parks your neighbours in and makes life harder for you than before your job started.


This is a major one. All Scaffolding companies will have qualified scaffolders, but there are many levels of qualifications. If you have a complex job and need a scaffolding company that has delivered these kinds of things before then you need to ask what level scaffolder they have working for them.

Skill Set

Although they may be qualified, on the job training counts for a lot.  If you have a delicate job where care and consideration is key, you’ll need to look for that skill set on top of their qualifications. For instance, if you’re looking at replacing a roof on a heritage building, you’ll want a company with level headed employees who are not likely to rush through it and potentially cause damage to the building.


There’s not much use getting the highest qualified, lowest priced scaffolding company in your area if you can’t get a hold of them once you’ve signed up. Communication is still key in all dealings with external companies so that if you need to move a date, alter the plans or add a section you can call someone and get the out there to take a look.

Finally Price

We all know that everyone wants something cheaper, but when it comes to quality sometimes you need to compromise. If you want highly trained and level headed scaffolders, don’t expect them to be the cheapest in the market. If you’re willing to compromise on the quality of the job (which could be dangerous) then by all means look for the cheapest around. But always remember you never get something for nothing, so there will be a pay off in the end.

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