Painted Scaffolding Vs Galvanised Scaffolding Systems

Painted Scaffolding Vs Galvanised Scaffolding

When personnel wants to work at great heights then scaffolding is the most economical means of gaining access. When we look around, we see some scaffolding systems are painted and some are galvanised.

Why are some scaffolding system painted while others are galvanised?

Painted Scaffolding System

There are many reasons for which scaffolding is painted. The first and the main reason being painted scaffolding reduces rust and oxidisation. No matter what type of scaffolding is used for the task at hand, all types of scaffolding ought to be structurally sound and secure. Scaffolding does weaken through the passage of time due to environmental considerations and general deterioration. When scaffolding is painted, it gives a “casing” like finish that prevents the effects of water-on-metal contact, getting rid of the corrosion of the metal underneath. Although at times, scaffolding is personalised to exhibit a company’s brand or corporate colours, it’s painted for durability, security and dependability.

Scaffolding systems like Kwikstage and Cuplock tend to be painted scaffolding types whereas tube and scaffold fittings are generally galvanised.

Is Galvanised Scaffolding Low-Priced?

Though galvanised scaffolding is popular it’s not common as painted systems and that’s because of the huge differences in their costs. The common man would take it for granted that the system that is not painted would be a cheaper purchase or hire than the system that is painted. This assumption is not true! Because scaffold’s that are made as fully galvanised systems pass through an extra procedure so that they can be fully galvanised and basically seal the metal from all corrosion and rust. The whole process of galvanisation is more time-consuming and thus, more expensive for the manufacturer and the customer.

If that’s the case, why take the trouble to buy galvanised scaffolding?

  • Galvanised scaffolding system is desired at the right price.
  • Galvanised scaffolding systems last long than painted systems and also requires less of maintenance and repairs.
  • Many offshore oil, gas and marine industries choose fully galvanised scaffolding system (most popularly opting for fully galvanised Cuplock).

Galvanised Vs Painted Scaffolding in Perth

Galvanised and painted scaffolding systems both have their own merits and drawbacks with different costs and benefits.

  • Painted systems are most commonly used in the areas and environments that don’t experience harsh environmental conditions.
  • When painted systems are used, paint does break off and deteriorate through installation, use and dismantling of the scaffolding systems largely due to their characteristic. When that occurs, the part can become corroded, which gradually results in rust and a faulty part that need reconditioning, re-painting and re-testing for structural strength.
  • Compared to painted scaffolding systems, fully galvanised scaffolding systems need far less of maintenance.
  • On the other hand, galvanised scaffold systems hold a far higher life span. It can be installed in tough offshore environments without any risk of paint coming off to allow any corrosion and rust.
  • The “added cost” paid on the purchase of galvanised scaffolding system is being saved on future maintenance costs.
  • In contrast, painted scaffolding system saves for short-term but that is paid out on long-term for scaffolding maintenance and restoration.

Final Words

In order to maintain structural stability and lifespan, scaffolding must be fully galvanised or painted with a protective finish regardless of the scaffold system you choose or the finish you select.

Thus, if your budget allows for a long-term investment on a completely galvanised scaffold system, you can go for it as it will save you maintenance costs over long-term. In contrast, if your budget allows you to spend only on a painted system so that it can save you on the purchase costs for the short-term; however, it will inherit maintenance costs over the long-term.

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