Tips for Buying Professional Scaffolding Online!


Buying scaffolding online may not be an easy task because they are large pieces of equipment. And they need to be chosen based on intended use and safety. This blog will reveal top tips that will help you to buy professional scaffolding.

Intended Use

Identifying the intended use is the first thing you need to do before shopping for a scaffolding system. If you need to complete an accurate and highly professional job, a customised mobile scaffold will work best for you.

  • First, you need to know the maximum working height you’ll need, as you’ll find scaffolding of different sizes and measurements. Typically, the smallest scaffolds are used to paint somewhat high walls. And mobile towers are used to work on large buildings having significant heights.
  • Some handy scaffolding risers are available on the market, intended to be mounted on top to access higher heights; they are an incredible choice for those who have to work on different heights but don’t want to buy expensive mobile access towers.


The next crucial thing you should consider is the surface. Cautiously examine the ground where the scaffold will be placed to carry out the work.

  • For a flat surface like concrete, you can be confident as all the scaffolding come integrated with excellent anti-slip resistant feet that are secured firmly to the ground.
  • For uneven ground, ensure levelling devices are compatible with your scaffolding model. These are needed to stabilise the support even on gravel or dirt, making the workplace safer.

Scaffolding Material

Scaffolding material is another vital component that you should consider.

  • If you’re working in a low-risk and safe environment, it is best to select an aluminium scaffolding as they are lightweight and anti-rust.
  • Besides, they come integrated with a quick-coupling system, designed for easy and fast assembly.
  • And the aluminium tubular structure ensures maximum stability.

Steel and iron scaffolding are also available on the market, and they are known to resist shocks very well but are less resistant to rust and are heavier. When large scale work needs to be performed on the construction sites, iron or steel scaffolding is preferred and typically treated with special anti-rust paints to guarantee maximum strength and durability.

Storage & Transportation

You also need to factor in storage and transportation. Having enough space to store a tall mobile scaffolding system and the means to move it are crucial.

Safety Certifications

Safety certifications are paramount, and if not shown in the technical data sheet, it is always advisable to contact the manufacturer or supplier for details.

If you’re looking for a high-quality aluminium mobile scaffold or steel scaffold system, get in touch with us at Turbo Scaffolding on 02 9725 5233, and our expert and friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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