When Should You Choose an Aluminium Scaffold Tower?

when should you use or choose an aluminium tower

Scaffold towers are essential equipment used by many tradespeople to accomplish various jobs. Sometimes it can pose a challenge to find the right product. Scaffolding systems and mobile scaffold towers are available in diverse materials, such as aluminium, steel and fibreglass. Aluminium is the most popular amongst trade and industry professionals. Here, we will discuss the aluminium scaffolding tower and assist you in choosing the right scaffold tower perfect to accomplish your job. 

Aluminium Scaffold Towers

Aluminium scaffold towers are lightweight, durable and affordable, fulfil the needs of professionals and offer an easily transportable option. Over the past few years, aluminium towers have been in huge demand and the preferred choice, and you can easily find suitable ones at Turbo Scaffolding. Aluminium is treated to withstand rust and corrosion, which increases the safety and longevity of your product. It’s also vital for professionals who work outdoors. 

You’ll get a high-quality scaffold tower at Turbo Scaffolding that fulfils all the requisite standards and regulations. We have a range of aluminium scaffold towers from which you can choose; however, here, we will briefly discuss our starting and concluding ranges of aluminium scaffold towers:

Our Mobile Aluminium Scaffold Tower range begins with Snappy/ Foldable Tower:

  • 1M Fold A Scaff – Gets through the standard doorways, weighs SWL 225kg, safe working platform up to 1m, lightweight, adjustable swivel castor wheels and can be erected in minutes.
  • 2M Fold A Scaff – Safe and portable, easy to assemble, SWL 225kg, safe working platform up to 2m, can be used on uneven surfaces and erected in minutes.

Our concluding range is 6.3m – 6.6m – Mobile Aluminium Scaffold Tower:

  • Narrow Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower (Standing Height) – Extending above 6.0m tall, weighs 253.2kg; ideal for plastering, painting and fixing the roof with ease, and as this tower stands above 6 metres, you must take care while moving and transporting.
  • Wide Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower (Standing Height) – It weighs 346 kg and is a perfect solution for trades like painters, plasterers and electricians. It provides a working deck of 1.3mtrs, so there is enough space on the platform for two workers who can work on it concurrently with room to move past each other. 

We have the following between our starting and concluding ranges of aluminium mobile scaffold towers for sale:

  • 1.9m – 2.2m Mobile Tower 
  • 2.3m – 2.6m Mobile Tower 
  • 2.7m – 3.0m Mobile Tower 
  • 3.1m – 3.4m Mobile Tower 
  • 3.5m – 3.8m Mobile Tower 
  • 3.9m – 4.2m Mobile Tower 
  • 4.3m – 4.6m Mobile Tower 
  • 4.7m – 5.0m Mobile Tower 
  • 5.1m – 5.4m Mobile Tower 
  • 5.5m – 5.8m Mobile Tower &
  • 5.9m – 6.2m Mobile Tower

Not Suitable for Jobs: As aluminium is a highly conductive material, it is not an option for people who work with electricity or near power sources.

Turbo Scaffolding CTA

Turbo Scaffolding has a range of aluminium mobile scaffolds with different height access, so you can select the scaffold tower per the height access you need. If you need help choosing a used mobile aluminium scaffold for sale or scaffold supplies, feel free to call Turbo Scaffolding on 02 9725 5233, and we will be happy to assist you.

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