5 Jobs That Are Easier with Scaffold

Ladder Access Tower Scaffolding

When you think of scaffolding you usually imagine high rise buildings that tower above the landscape all decked out in steel with ladders, mesh and warning signs. What you forget about are the smaller jobs that are far easier with a stable work platform, either set in the one place, or on castors for easy movement.

There are many uses for scaffolding but below are the main 4 that you should use a mobile scaffold for, but you probably didn’t think to.

Gutters and Fascia

Imagine how easy it would be to clean out the gutters, or repair the fascia on your home if you had a working platform that allowed you to stand just below where you needed to get to. Unlike using a ladder, you could safely place all your materials on the work platform alongside you and have easy access to them. All these little conveniences cut down the time it takes to complete your home improvement and also make it much safer for you and your friends.

Having all your tools on board with you without the worry of having them fall off the step is a big win for anyone looking at doing anything around the home. Also if you set up a mobile scaffold, you’ll be able to simply unlock the wheels and move it to your next spot without the need to pull it down and re-erect it.



This is another job that people tend to do from an aluminium ladder, but how many times have you seen the paint tin fall and spill paint all over the ground. By utilising scaffold you can have your paint tin, your roller tray and all the other essentials to get the job done on the platform with you. If you are painting at heights, you’ll know how annoying it is to constantly climb down off your ladder to fill your roller with paint again and climb back up.

Scaffolding also limits the amount of times you need to head back to the ground. Simply place it at your wall, head on up with all your materials and only come down to move it along. You have a much longer work platform than a ladder as well, meaning you need to move it much less.


Nobody likes cleaning their window, but those in a double story house like it even less as balancing on a ladder while holding a bucket, sponge and squeegee can be quite challenging. The other hazard that we all encounter with cleaning is the use of water and detergents. These can make surfaces slippery and falls are more likely once you’re ladder stairs are wet. Ladders have metal stairs that can be very hazardous once they have moisture on them and can make the job of cleaning your windows a dangerous one.

Aluminium scaffold is easy to erect and light weight. It also means you can have your water bucket, poles and squeegees within reach at all times. They also have a wooden deck as your working platform making it much more non-slip and safe.


If you need to repair a roof or a wall that could be unstable the last thing you need to do is stand on it, or lean on it for support. When you have repairs that need to be carried out at height it is much safer to do so from a stable platform where you can stay detached from the damaged building itself until you can assess the damage.

Scaffolding Erections

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