Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower: A Buyer’s Checklist!

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold


An aluminium scaffold tower is an essential equipment piece useful to complete many tasks. For instance, if you want to set up a stage for live events or install air conditioning units, you will need this valuable equipment piece. Vital factors you should consider when buying an aluminium scaffold tower can include everything from material selection to workplace safety.

The four main things you should look at when buying aluminium mobile scaffold include:

#1. Give Prominence To Quality Material

Never give in to the temptation of buying low-cost equipment, as it will also be inferior in quality. Choosing a superior quality aluminium mobile scaffold will serve you for many years, saving you money and time in the long term for repairs or replacement. Select an aluminium mobile scaffold tower from an established supplier like Turbo Scaffolding, as we supply equipment manufactured using the latest engineering techniques delivering only the best aluminium scaffold tower, perfect for any application.

#2. Ensure The Equipment Adheres To The Safety Standards

At the workplace, health and safety are vital. If you’re looking for an aluminium scaffold tower, you’ll need to ensure it adheres to all applicable regulations. There are many health and safety regulations that aluminium mobile scaffolds in Australia require adhering to, so it is vital to read any handbook or safety guidelines before starting to use your scaffold tower.

 #3. The Latest Manufacturing Methods

 Intelligent manufacturing processes is vital for quality. To provide extra strength and rigidity, established aluminium scaffold tower manufacturers’ use cold-forming techniques. If you need additional security, you should look at features, such as extruded tee pieces that connect every second rung to the vertical tube.

 #4. Choosing The Best Scaffold Tower For Your Project

An extensive range of aluminium scaffold towers are available, so ensure you choose the right size and specification for your project. A robust, stable and secure scaffold tower is vital for efficient operations, so you should look for features, such as superior aluminium, reliable locking mechanisms and anti-slip treads. Most aluminium scaffold towers are available in different standard widths and lengths, so you should select one best suited for your projects.

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