Tips When You Are Buying New Scaffold


Scaffolding is an integral part of the construction industry and those professionals within the sector usually purchase the scaffold they use. It is rare that a company will hire all their scaffold as this can become expensive and unreliable. With that in mind, there are many factors to consider before you make that purchase.

Safety – Beware of the Copycats

There are plenty of places that sell scaffold and it’s accessories, but not all are equal. When looking at the purchase of a structure that’s there to support your staff and you’re relying on it to keep them safe you’ll want to make sure it meets your requirements. Don’t shortcut or try to save money on this purchase by buying from a non-reputable company that you’ve never heard of or a product you don’t know.

Their life depends on the durability and strength of your scaffold and making sure you find a source that has a good reputation, has been in market a long time and can prove that it meets the safety standards of your state or territory is paramount.

Support and Training

As mentioned previously there are many companies that sell scaffold and their level of service will differ. Some of the small places that may be a little cheaper will offer no support or training materials leaving it up to you to work out how to assemble and what to do if there’s a problem.

What you’ll want to make sure of is that the company you buy it off offers after sales support. This means they have assembly instruction, video support and someone you can call if you have a problem.

Warranty and Returns Policy

Checking on the warranty of a product is a great way of finding out how much confidence a company has in its products. When you purchase Scaffold ensure that it comes with warranty and check how long the warranty is for and exactly what it covers. If a company isn’t offering any guarantee of quality, then you can almost always guarantee there is none.

Keep in mind that the total cost of a product is not only the initial outlay, but all the costs that are associated with it in the long run such as replacement, accident payout and extra training where there is none.


This is another one that people tend to forget about. You may know what you need for now, but what happens when one of the guys accidentally leaves a piece on site and you need it for the next job? How easy is that to replace? And how long will it take the company to get in? All Scaffold is different and may fit differently as well so grabbing a part from somewhere else isn’t ideal. You really need to rely on your original supplier to have parts in stock for quick replacement.

In conclusion, remember to do your homework before you buy and remember buyer beware if you’re looking at saving money up front with an unknown brand and supplier.

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