Why is Scaffolding Inspection Indispensable?

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Working with scaffolding can be risky as it involves dangers of getting weakened if inappropriately erected. To avert disaster at the construction site, it is essential to appoint contractors who can perform on a regular basis a complete inspection of the scaffolding systems. Trained individuals who have obtained certification through officially recognised scaffolding training centres are required for conducting an inspection of the scaffolding systems. Depending on the size of the scaffolding system, a scaffolding official should hand over the inspection tasks to a number of qualified workers. There should be no chances for any loopholes when it comes to scaffold safety.

Scaffolding inspection normally includes the following components:

  • Inspecting the parameters such as posts, footing, frames, mudsills and base plates.
  • Ensuring whether the scaffolding tools are at a safe distance of minimum ten (10) feet from the power lines.
  • To check whether the right type of scaffolding materials are used for the job.
  • Inspecting the connected planks for cracks, holes or any other faults.
  • To ensure the use of guardrails and mid-rails.
  • At the construction site, examining the performance of the crew members.

Inspections Performed On Scaffolding Systems Can Save Lives

  • An accurately carried out inspection finishes the erection process securely.
  • In the absence of proper inspection, the project may as well be half-completed similar to an open-ended sentence on a page. Well, the sentence may also have a big question mark at the end as we don’t know how secure and safe the structure is until it has been correctly tested and approved by a qualified and experienced personnel.

All this may sound a bit exaggerated but that’s only because we’re attempting to emphasise the significance of scaffolding inspection process.

It’s not possible to overstate the importance of a scaffolding inspection. The certified and experienced inspector has a big responsibility on his/her shoulders; a job that inspects scaffold part quality, ground security, frame stability, erection skill and more. Moving forward, the inspector goes deeper to explore the hidden hazards. This concluding inspection includes a checklist that ticks off the integration of all safety aids, which include any supplementary safety systems, toe guards and handrails.

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