Scaffolding: When is it Necessary?


It’s a question we’re sure has been asked over and over again, when will a ladder suffice and when will it not? At what point in your home renovations, or that small roofing job do you require the use of scaffolding instead of a sturdy ladder platform. Well, below we will try and sort out the situations when scaffold is a must have.

Assess your Job

Before you start any job it should be common sense to head out to site and assess the work required. It’s one thing to be told what the job is and quite another to go out and scope out the access, any obstacles and all safety requirements yourself. Only after a full assessment can you work out for sure what your requirements will be to safely and effectively complete the task.

Working off the Ground

When a job requires you to be working at height then you need to be extra careful of your work and safety requirements and the overall safety of your workers and any bystanders. If for example you were contracted to do some painting, it’s only you and it’s a small job then a ladder would probably suffice, although you would find you’d be moving it pretty regularly. On the other hand if that painting job required multiple people at once and involved patching up some gutters you may consider a safe working platform constructed with scaffold. This way there is somewhere to store your tool, something to move around on and makes dropping anything from height less of a risk.

The Type and Duration of a Job

As mentioned previously if you find yourself with small job that won’t take too long you may be able to get away with a sturdy ladder, but if you head out and assess the job and it’s going to take more than a few days to complete, then a more permanent work structure may be a better option. There are plenty of jobs that require formwork, not just painting.

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An easier way to look at it is do you feel it’s safe to climb up and down a ladder multiple times to grab tools and set them back down again? Or would it be quicker, easier and safer to have a work platform at the height you need it so that you only climb it once?


If you’re a 1 man band and you feel comfortable using a ladder to access your job then fair enough, but if you have anyone on site with you, then you need to consider their safety as well.

Not everyone has the same fitness level and sure footedness on a ladder. Nor do we all carry things the same way. If you require more than one person to be at height at the one time, the use of scaffolding is highly recommended.

What Jobs Usually Require Scaffold?

Any job that requires you to be elevated will be easier with scaffold. You don’t have to invest in a truck and thousands of dollars in equipment, you may simply need to hire a mobile scaffold to get the job done. Jobs such as:

  • Painting
  • Gutter repairs
  • Roofing
  • And window cleaning

All these will be safer with scaffold. With great scaffolding company in Sydney, you can access all you need to complete your job safely and efficiently.

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