Why You Should Use Aluminium Scaffold Ladders?

Aluminium Scaffold Ladders

Well, there aren’t many things to differentiate between ladders when comparing materials and styles, but there are certainly a few things you’ll want to look at prior to making your purchase decision. When purchasing scaffolding ladders for your upcoming or current project, refrain buying in haste. And invest in high-quality stairs and ladders, which will serve you for many years. Indeed, quality matters, as you know that it will be safe for you or your workers who will be using them.


If you have used timber ladder, you would know how tiring it is for one person to manage one large one. The complexity that develops out of it may change even a simple job into a complex one. Is there a remedy for this? Well, a huge number of people have found using lightweight and durable aluminium ladders perform better than other ladders.



When buying aluminium ladders, you need to consider the one that fits flawlessly with your requirements. In addition, you need to consider whether you need a step ladder, an extension ladder or any of those multipurpose, handy ladders. For a number of reasons, choosing aluminium ladders can be the best choice for you.

It’s handy: Without any trouble, one person can handle aluminium ladder effortlessly.

It won’t corrode: When you purchase aluminium ladder, you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion, as it will remain free from it.

It can be stored outdoors: An aluminium ladder can be stored outdoor as it won’t corrode. This is a significant characteristic and beneficial for the people who have restricted space.


  • Many features of aluminium make it apt for ladders. Compared to timber ladders and fibreglass ladders, aluminium ladders are much lighter.
  • As fibreglass is very dense, fibreglass ladders are quite heavy. Similarly, timber ladders are heavier than aluminium ladders and they cannot be stored outdoors.
  • Aluminium does not catch fire. Due to this feature, often fire-fighters choose aluminium ladders.
  • Aluminium ladders are exceptionally durable and sturdy.
  • There is no dearth of choices in aluminium ladders.
  • What makes for icing on the cake is aluminium ladders cost less than timber ladder and fibreglass ladder. As they are economical and maintenance free, wise tradesmen, industrial users and others opt for aluminium ladders.

Therefore, due to many benefits of aluminium ladders, many people prefer to use them.

Summing Up

There are many advantages of using aluminium ladders such as they are light in weight, so they can be handled by single person with ease; they are free from rust/ corrosion, so they can be kept outdoors without any issues; they don’t catch fire; they are sturdy and durable plus they are cost-effective option, and there is no lack in their selection. A quality aluminium ladder will perfectly suit your requirements, as long as you adhere to the weight limit and don’t abandon it sitting out in the rain for years on end.

At Turbo Scaffolding, you’ll get a huge array of aluminium scaffold ladders and stairs for secure access and exit points at the worksite at the best prices. Furthermore, all our extension ladders, stairs and other scaffold access accessories are manufactured to fulfil stringent Australian safety standards.

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